OnePlus recently announced its most awaited smartphone variant of this calendar year, the OnePlus 6T. I changed to OnePlus 6T the afternoon it had been available on the current market, and ever since that time, I’ve been enjoying the experience. The fabeled flagship killer has come to be the best flagship there is itself.

However, my next favourite thing about OnePlus 6T is that it is powerd by the mighty and powerful OxygenOS . The near Stock Android, OxygenOS, includes a lot of helpful features hidden beneath the hood. Consequently, if you prefer, a proud owner of OnePlus 6T, here I’ve put together a listing of all of the quirks and hidden attributes on your OnePlus phone. Let us test it out.

1.The Display

Almost all of the people tend to pick up there phones and look at it for no aparent reason. You pick up this phone too and press on the lock button to turn on the display for a quick look on the screen. OnePlus 6T like most Android mobiles includes”Ambient Display” that turns the display on and reveals a fast telling with only a lift or tap. This particularly comes in handy if you want to look at your phone through the nighttime.

Luckily, you can readily pick the activate’pick up’ or’tap’ to flip the nearby display and choose different clock designs.

Go to Settings and then hunt for Screen and then select surrounding screen out there to turn it ON. As an alternative, you might even hunt for Ambient screen at the search bar of Preferences.

2. The Alert Slider Button

In a typical OnePlus fashion, the alert slider has once again been included to be the part of it’s flagships.The butoon has 3 modes where you can change the sound profiles with waking the device.These are Ring,Vibration and silent

Only alarms are allowed when the phone is on silent mode. It is possible to toggle the press volume controller and unmute it. On the Ring style, the telephone plays a ringtone when you get a telephone or a telling.

As you do not have to set this up to operate but you are able to edit the attributes on each one of those settings. To locate the alarm slider settings, t go to Settings and then sort awake slider at the search bar on the top and tap on the alert slider choice.

3.Navigation pub & Gestures

One reason people love OxygenOS is due to its own UI being nearest to inventory Android.

4. The Default Menu

Back, Home and present are the three options which are provided to you, and which sometimes feel way too wannabe mainstream stuff. Luckily, you can personalize the option by rotating the options from left to right.

When triggered, it reveals a little button on the left side of the navigation bar. To lock the navigation bar set up, swipe from the base of the display to demonstrate the navigation bar and press on the lock button at the left side of the navigation bar.

5. 2 Button Bar

Both button navigation bar is very slick and provides a better control design. You obtain a house button and a button that you can swap sides exactly like the default mode pub.

6. The Beloved Navigation Gestures

The OnePlus 6T also has navigation gestures which were were originally made only for the iPhone X. But what’s great about this is that even the gestures in the oneplus 6t are highly customisable and can be altered in the settings menu

7. Long Press and Dual Faucet Triggers

It is possible to personalize the house, rear, and Recents switches to activate actions and apps. As an instance, long pressing the home button opens up Google helper, as you see most Android mobiles. In the same way, You may set an activity on both the back and Recents button also.

8.The Three finger screenshot

Three finger screenshot is still another cool feature that I believe more smartphone makers should implement. Pressing two buttons simultaneously has been taxing when you do not sync the buttons and it turns down the volume rather or requires you to your home display. Thus this beloved feature helps you take pictures by just dragging 3 fingers across the screen whenever you want.

9. Responding to calls using a Gesture

This feature is especially great for the elderly folks so that it is easy for them to work with their new smartphones,In this feature they just have to put the phone to their ear to answer it and the phone does the rest for them

10.Double tap to Wake Up screen

Like the former feature in the listing, that turned ON the screen, once you tapped the display; dual tap pops up the phone and reveals the lock display. This helps the users to be more efficient in their workings by presenting the lock screen instantly.

To accomplish this, head over to Settings > Buttons & Keys > Quick Gestures > Dual tap to wake up.

11. Letter Gestures

The letters O, V, M, S, and W can be used as gestures that can be specified a separate command and drawing the letter triggers the command. The only disadvantage of this feature is that in case you assign an program to a letter, it might nevertheless request that you lock your telephone first before you may use the program, which in my view would defeat the intention of a fast gesture.

12.The Quick Activate

This is one of my most beloved features.I get into battles while talking random items about the table. and I’ve won a lot of arguments with this .

To trigger Google helper, Settings > Buttons & Keys > Toggle the’Fast trigger the helper app’ button.

13. Night Mode

Nightmode is something that i absolutely love because i use my phone a lot of times and more often than not it turns out to be a strain on the eyes to look at the screen in that dark environment. The nightmode manner in OnePlus 6T corrects the color temperature and lessens the clue light to supply a soothing display throughout the evening time. If the work you do contains you sitting in front of a screen for long intervals of screen then this mode is very crucial for you

Visit Settings > Screen > Nighttime mode

14. Reading Mode

Reading mode is a boon for the avid readers that spend countless hours reading stuff on their screens. Along with that, You receive an choice to block glimpse notifications that reduces distractions while studying.

Visit Settings > Screen > Reading Mode

15.Screen Settings

OnePlus 6T includes a couple different display colour settings in which you can fix to enhance your user experience. This feature only works in the event that you’ve got disabled nighttime manner as it also changes the colour temperature of this display. You may pick in default, sRGB, DCI-P3, elastic, and habit. These all settings alter the colour temperature and you’ll be able to pick one that is suitable for you.

16.The Notch

OnePlus 6T includes a little almost non-existent tear fall top notch. Well, it may not be conducive to many some simply do not like a notch. You can conceal the elite without a lot of hassle.

Visit Settings > Screen > Notch Screen.

17. Theme

Programmers were urged to develop a littile darker themes by google in a past conferrence. OnePlus implements dark theme options among mild and custom topics. You may pick any of these and personalize your user experience.