The budget section of phones is teeming with choices by offering plenty of features without creating a hole in your pocket. On paper, it’s everything a normal budget cellphone includes — A large 18:9 screen, dual cameras and a huge battery. The business has been in operation for a year today imn India along with the Hot 6 Guru appears it’s been improving over time. Does the telephone bunch sufficient firepower to challenge the most favorite products in its price segment?


The phone is placed in a metal unibody casing using a matte finish that’s both easy to grab and is rather than smudge-prone. The double camera device sits vertically in the upper left corner along with the fingerprint detector situated centrally below that. On the front of the phone, it is all display with thin bezels on it. The display takes up about 72% of their entire body with ample bezels all over its surface and the base. the phone is a rather slim one but carries a whopping 4,000mAh battery. Over that, it is rather lightweight at 150 g which increases the ergonomics. It also looks pretty similar to the Xiaomi M1 A1 which is pretty.


Among the main allure of this phone is your 6-inch and 18:9 ratio screen. But unlike other phones its display is not 1080p but rather only 720p, Even though the IPS LCD panel may replicate colors quite well, we expected more from the piece. Movies and videos on the screen look crystal clear and quite bright and that is thanks to this amped up brightness of the display. That does demand more juice out of the battery, however, Infinix had already solved this problem with its whopping 4,000mAh battery . Compared to its rivals offering a complete HD screen, this can look to be a compromise. The advantages of text and icons seem a tiny pixelated due to the minimal pixel density. The brightness also adjusts automatically depending on the lighting of the room. But for some reason the device does not offer alternatives to adjust the color temperature and color profiles, which can be typical in both MIUI and EMUI-based tablets. It will offer a blue light filter under the title of’Eye Care style’ that places an orange tinge on the screen to decrease eye pressure. Does the additional area and space help the user? Maybe, but that really depends upon the user. The new aspect ratio surely reduced the footprint of this telephone. The 6-inch screen is placed in a 6.3-inch body along with the excess display helps with multi-tasking also, even though the underwhelming chip does not really allow a lot of this. The Sexy 6 pro’s focus is really on viewing videos and in that respect, it gives a decent experience with well saturated and vibrant colors. Programs have help to scale videos to encourage the excess property. Because of its price, it is a fantastic device that is just held by its physical limitations.

The 64-bit quad-core chipset has four Cortex A53 cores clocked at 1.4GHz and is quite popular in┬árecent phones.The phones like Moto E5 Plus and the Redmi Y1 this past year have been using the same exacy thing. The chipset, as the grade results show, gives a mean performance. But it is pretty apparent that this phone is not your best partner if you are a hardcore gamer. I tried out hot games like PubG Mobile and that was not a truly fantastic experience. In Chrome, a high number of tabs slowed down the phone and scrolling Reddit was dimmed. Facebook and Instagram functioned fine. If you are not a lot of gamer, then the phone is fine to be used. One should keep in mind that heavy apps would take a good 5 minutes before the start and don’t expect anythng exptoonal with its performence eithert. With its functionality, the phone appears to be aimed toward non-enthusiasts who just needs a phone to go to the internet, watch movies and make calls and set alarms.


Aside from the focus on a fantastic screen, the Hot 6 Guru also promoted its camera art. The telephone includes a 13+2-Megapixel double camera device in the trunk and also a 5-megapixel sensor on front. It may take bokeh shots out of each side and includes a gentle LED flash to the front too. On paper, it is apparently rather loaded.

The photographs are really not that great and could limitations mediocre at best, but considering the cost…maybe not too bad. The resulting shots were full of saturation and contrast. The camera is simple to use but there is a small shutter lag which somewhat decreases the quality of the overall experience. The device claims to possess PDAF however, the autofocus takes a while to lock on to the thing it’s looking at. Additionally, it does not correct the exposure considerably.

The portrait style in the back is very aggressive in its entirety, which makes it seem somewhat bit artificial. Highlights can also be washed out while the camera is doing its work.

The front camera takes selfies that are just okay at best. There is a beautiful style that will whitewash all of the details out of your face. From the bokeh mode front, the blurring is considerably more consistent. Edges about facial hair have been maintained to some extent and also the comparison maintained a top notch higher. The resulting pictures come out as nothing more than acceptable.Just good enough for the social media credit. There is also a front LED flashbut that’s pretty useless as it worsens the picture quality if anything.

In terms of its low light art, the Infinix Hot 6 pro is not much of a celebrity. There is a considerable quantity of noise and pictures that comes out underexposed if nothing else. The camera attempts to compensate for it using additional saturation and contrast and it really doesn’t look pretty


Budget phone using a significant battery is all of the craze nowadays along with the Hot 6 Guru does not disappoint here too. PC Mark’s Work 2.0 Evaluation maintained crashing though, so that I could not get a goal metric for battery lifetime. Under heavy use, the phone was able to continue a day with 2 full 40-minute episodes streamed on Netflix and considerable use of this camera along with web browsing. It takes a great deal of time to control, however, The telephone doesn’t support rapid charging and took what felt like about two weeks to refill.(but it took just 2 hours tbh)


The Infinix Hot 6 pro for somebody who isn’t a hardcore gamer or an excessive power consumer and rather for someone who needs a phone for viewing content and utilizing social media and probably nothing more. It is not so effective but continues long enough to be dependable. The camera also is not all that bad and does not look like a great deal of compromise. It’s cost of Rs 7,999 that attracts a majoriyy of its fanbase.If you could raise your budget a little bit higher, you may pick from stronger smartphones such as the Realme 1, the Moto E5 Plus or even the Redmi 5. The phone is available on the internet exclusively on Flipkart in which the competition is a lot higher in comparison with offline channels. One of the biggest collection of mobiles is available on Flipkart, and honestly the Pro 6 cn be easily lost from the plethra of phones out there.