The Huwaie Nova 3 is the hottest phone in the market right now.`The luxury segment was seeing a great deal of action, more than the flagship section for this issue. The majority of the Snapdragon 845 mobiles that launched this season belongs to this flagship killer’series by OnePlus, And Huwaie wanted to join in on the action thus they came up with the Huwaie Nova 3. The Huawei Nova 3 intends to overthrow OnePlus in its own game. Together with four cameras, a gorgeous glass layout and a great deal of AI-backed attributes, Nova 3 is all set to take the crown.


The Nova 3 is quite pretty and one would definitely appreciate it’s beauty┬ábefore actually buying it. It is that great looking. Unlike most phones, the Nova 3 goes for a cheerful gradient finish instead of the traditional ones. The most popular colour is blue-purplish in colour and goes the exact same way The gradient change is easily visible when you watch it under the sun. It has the double tone design in the tilted 10 along with the Huawei P20 Guru and carries it up a notch.

However, the simple fact remains that utilizing glass brings the sturdiness of their telephone. Huawei has not confirmed if the glass they use is the traditional gorilla glass. The phone has a good metal frame holding the glass in the front and the rear with no flex at all. That is a toast. The phone was also very sleek and slim. I had no difficulty using it with a single hand. The glass adds a little heft but in addition, it increases the grip.

The back panel has a double camera device that has a small bulge and a fingerprint sensor. While the bulge is simply too subtle to remove from the great looks of this telephone, it will are inclined to draw a great deal of dust. Huawei also gives a clear case to the consumers so that there is no smudge on the phone. The compromised 3.5millimeter headphone jack stays along with the phone is billed by means of a USB-Type C interface.


As a result of the notch on the top, the screen of this Huawei Nova 3 occupies nearly all of the actual estate up front. The minimum bezels makes the display fairly immersive and if you are in the dark with all the display on, it appears really bezel-less. It is an IPS LCD panel using FullHD+ resolution, so the successful pixel density is about 409 ppi. That is quite standard in screens having a notch. Because of this, the panel onto the Nova 3 is very practical. Huawei provides the choice to dial the display resolution to HD+ in order to conserve a bit of power.

In our evaluations, the screen clocked a brightness of 634 lux, which is nowhere near the flagship killer OnePlus 6 that has an AMOLED panel along with a score of approximately 900 lux,thus it is pretty aparent that oneplus 6 automatically wins when it comes to screens. The screen also includes a solid blueish tint on top and also the color temperature is about the warmer side. Huawei will supply a blue-light filter.


The business basically reproduces exactly the identical approach that created OnePlus devices hot. It’s powered with the latest in tech HiSilicon Kirin 970 SoC that is made by Huawei themselves. There is also a second processor inside the device to manage AI workloads. Dependent on the chipset alone, it is apparent that it can not match the operation of a Snapdragon 845-powered apparatus. While on paper the Kirin 970 chipset can not get the job done as fast as the Snapdragon 845, the 2 SoCs do provide support that’s more than desirable and is also hassle free.

In addition you also get the 6GB LPDDR4 RAM and 128GB of all UFS storage. One can also further increse the storage by using microSD cards up to 256GB, which is not present in it’s competitor, the OnePlus 6.You can also pick between another SIM along with also a memory card, as the phone is a hybrid . If you decide on two SIM cards, there is double VoLTE which allows you gain 4G connectivity.

In real-world use, the Huawei Nova 3 is very fluid and breezy. I saw no cases of this phone freezing or lagging to launch programs. Games such as PubG Mobile load fairly quickily and while gaming, the telephone does not heat to a burning level. Switching between programs also does not put pressure on the OS and it does the following with ease and without lag. The software of this telephone, however, is rather hefty. A tour through the Settings program will tell you about the variety of features it packs. Characteristics like scanning a QR code to connect a different device to the Wi-Fi system, double instances of programs, battery use broken down to hardware and applications (very helpful!) , program lock and even much more. You won’t find the majority of these attributes in a lot of general Android phones.


Two on the trunk, two front. In the rear is a 16MP main sensor with f/1.8 aperture alongside a 24MP secondary camera which shoots just in black again using f/1.8 aperture. Front is a 24MP sensor combined with a 2MP thickness sensor for selfies. The camera is also not only for shooting photographs this moment.

The camera program of this Huawei Nova 3 is equally intuitive and awkward at precisely the exact same moment. Even though the most popular choices are inside the range of the palms, going into the Pro style requires a little more knowledge and a little more work. A fantastic thing is you can switch off the’AI-fication’ of photographs. There is also hardware-level HDR as stated by Huawei.

The four cameras around the entire body of this Nova 3 all are equipped with artificial intelligence,meaning they constantky evolve themselves as a result of the NPU from the Kirin 970 SoC. The NPU helps the back camera to find about 22 distinct scenes which includes meals, sunrise, blue heavens, shore, etc.. The front camera can also recognise up to eight different potraits. After knowing what you are shooting, Huawei goes forward and employs more filters to create amazing photographs which look gorgeos, they problem is that the final image dosent alway turn out to be a perfect 10. If it works, it seems really great, and when it does not, the images will become an eyesore.

When i was trying to click a picture of the sunsrise. The AI recognised I a sunrise and made the darker elements of these pictures (close to the structures ) brighter to increase the dynamic variety. But should you pixel peep the improved photograph, you’ll discover a serious lack of information.

Huawei gives youthe choice of 3D lighting effects similar to that of the iPhone 8 Plus. The execution is nowhere near Apple’s phone and honestly there can never be a comparision between an iphone and the nova in terms of camera. There is also a wonder filter which appears to be a advertisement for a fairness cream as it brightnes the face a lot ,to the point that the person looks like a living doll and honestly, that’s a little creepy. To put it differently, I’d refrain from using this style to shoot portrait shots. Rather, utilizing the expert manner as well as the default photograph mode is certainly far better.

The double front camera of this phoneis where things actaually get interesting. The 24MP main sensor is accompanied from the 2MP thickness detector. There is also AI, HDR Pro and 3D light up front, together with bokeh style and beautification. Honestly,this is the closest a selfie centric phone can get. Selfies also turn out fairly good, but a 1:1 harvest will show a serious lack of information in the AI manner. The HDR Pro manner works great in order to light the face up against a very bright light if there is one. The 3D lighting, nevertheless is much better left unused.


The Huawei Nova 3 includes a 3,750mAh battery and that’s pretty suffiecient for a smartphone in this prrice range. For the time that I used the phone, it readily lasted me a complete day. I mainly used the phone to take photographs, navigate social media anvarious games like the racing game Asphalt9. While gaming for extended drains the battery a one-time session will not demand much juice. Additional you receive a fast-charging adapter which tops the battery up in about one hour.


Nova 3 is how a 2018 phone in all it’s aspects. On the other hand, the execution of these attributes are somewhat inconsistent, particularly the AI improvements. The layout, although it looks magnificent, is not lasting and you’ll need to place a situation at the back that’s counterproductive. While the chip is satisfactorily powerful, it will not have the ability to outpace the Snapdragon 845-powered tablets. Then there is the software that isn’t the greatest on the market. The Huawei Nova 3 in Rs 34,999 is a direct competitor to the bottom version of the flagship killer OnePlus 6. It is a fantastic choice if you don’t need to opt for the OnePlus 6, but maybe not the ideal replacement. Between them both, I favor the UI of this OnePlus 6 and it surely feels quicker than the Nova 3 ,thus the final answer as always depedent on your prefrence and nothing else. The camera around the OnePlus 6 is not the standard with all means, but it’s constant.