It might not be that frequently, but there’ll be occasions when you will need to mirror own Android display to your PC(Meaning displaying the content of one screen to the other one). There might be many reasons you might want to capture your screen, play games on the big screen, watch videos or movies on a larger screen, etc. It’s actually pretty simple to cast your device’s screen to another, and that includes the condition where your device is frozen!. And given below are a set of apps to help you with the same. All programs include a completely free version apart from an better but obviously paid one,But these also aparently don’t need ROOT and work with both PC and MAC OS. We have a circuled a few of them which we think are pretty good, and all of them have some sort of lag within it. However, for fundamental screencasting wants like demonstration or program demonstration, these programs should work pretty good and smooth.

Best casting devices

1.Manual connection

If you are using connect program in Windows 10, then you do not need to use any third party programs to throw the Android display to your PC. It is possible to use the built-in WiFi guide alternative. It’s pretty similar to the way to the way you connect your device to the moniter using chromecast. How it works:

Installation:-Simply look for and start the”Connect” program from Windows 10 menu. Now, bring the notification center in your own Android apparatus and pick the choice”Cast” You will notice a listing of all of the apparatus which you could throw your own Android apparatus. if you don’t see that then tap three vertical dots in the top right and choose Enable Wireless Screen alternative. Next, pick your PC in the listing, and you’re ready to go.

Advantages : -You do not have to set up any third party applications

Disadvantages :-And in our testing, many Android mobiles don’t have Empower Wireless screen option in the throw settings. Thus, it’s less likely it is going to work for you also. Why? Well, as it is direct competitor to Google Chromecast. It’s true, it is possible to enable it by rooting your mobile, altering the prop construct. That we did, however, even then, it did not work correctly.

Bottom Line: Obviously, the Connect program in Windows 10 is fairly restricted and doesn’t do a lot of things. But if you’re just looking to watch a watch a few films and or pics then this option should be the thing you are looking for. However, for the majority of us, there’ll be no choice to throw screen.

2. Mobizen

Mobizen is among those complete apps which don’t only cast your device’s screen to a computer but also helps you to capture the display, control, take screenshots, and play with media straight from the browser or even a standalone program on your computer. This program is pretty similar to Vysor but much better as it allows you to connect the following through the USB cable, over a WiFi system and over your cellular data.

Installation:-Go their official site in the personal computer, log in using the very same credentials, within the next screen you will find six digit OTP, type that code into your Mobizen Android program and that is it.

Advantages:- it works directly on the browser, you don’t have to put in any program on the pc.

Disadvantages :-cannot remove watermark from the free version

Bottom Line: If you’re wanting to play games or provide interactive demonstrations from your own Android cellphone, then Mobizen is right for you. The fantastic thing about this program is that it lets you share documents between your own Android apparatus and PC by simply dragging and dropping. apps-to-cast-android-screen-to-computer with mobizen

3. Vysor

Vysor is a pretty new inthe market and helps you mirror, and control your Android device from the PC or Mac. Unlike the other programs, it actually has a chrome based program. Vysor is considered to be amongst the very best in their respectuve fields because vysor helps mirroring the Android display to the computer, can take screenshots,enables the user to use the android device with the help of a pc

Installation:-Simply head to the official website, set up Vysor Chrome program, install Vysor program in your own Android apparatus, connect your device to the computer through USB and start the Vysor program in Chrome.

Advantages-That is it; you’re casting your own Android display in your PC. Let us control your own Android display from the pc.

Disadvantages -Even though there’s absolutely no watermark, it reveals movie advertisements every 30 minutes or so.

Bottom line– Despite the fact that the program is secure, we will not suggest it for USB link because there are far better choices out there. apps-to-cast-android-screen-to-computer-vysor 2.

4.All Cast Recevier

Its quite astonishing that this program is produced by the same programmer i.e. ClockworkMod who created the Vysor program, the first program in this list. This is a relatively easy app with little to no compliated settings thus incresing the app’s overall acccessibilty

Installation: Install Display Recording and Mirror in your own Android smartphone or tablet computer, next set up the AllCast Receiver Chrome program in your computer and start it. Now, start their Android program, it is going to auto-detect All cast recipient is operating on precisely the exact same network. Harness this, and it is going to begin mirroring the Android display on the smartphone program of your PC. In case your All Cast received don’t get discovered on Windows, then be certain that you disable the Windows firewall or create an exclusion rule. On MacOS, it must work perfectly.

Advantages : The program helps you to cast your screen to various other smart screens like Fire TV, Apple TV and also supports Android-Android casting through the AllCast Receiver program from Play Store. Moreover, because you can tell from the title , the program also allows things like GIF’s to be casted

Disadvantages: Cannot remove Watermarks and Ad from the free version.

Bottom Line: Great app if you’re able to live until the watermark. Useful, if you would like to cast your screen on Apple or Fire TV or perhaps on additional Android devices. Overall, not worthwhile, because there are better choices out there. apps-to-cast-android-screen-to-computer-with-all-cast-receiver

5.Screen Stream Mirroring

Display Stream Mirroring Free Display Stream Mirroring Free is the best program that simplifies or mirrors your android display to Display over WiFi. Though, it will only work if both the Android and computer are connected to the exact same WiFi network. No support for cellular info or USB. That having been said, if you’re interested in finding a no-nonsense program that only works, check it out.

Installation: Install Display Stream Mirroring program in your own Android smartphone or tablet computer and start it. Next tap the 3 horizontal lines on top left to deliver up the streaming alternatives and tap Web Browser choice.

Advantages: No onscreen watermark, works on each OS using a internet browser or VLC installed. Also, includes a display recorder. Also the sound frm the internal mic can be casted too! but the audio is pretty horrible(yeah sorry)

Disadvantages: Time limit and the constant ads constantly bug you even to the point of quitting, although the later one may be taken out by viewing some video advertisements.

Bottom Line: Dos not show a watermark so its pretty good in our opinion. As it works on the browser, then you do not need to configure your firewall configurations just like you must perform in All cast. However, it’s intrusive advertisements in the free version, we can not recommend this program. screen-stream-mirroring-free


This is the best way to throw your own Android display to any pc. Why? Well, until all of the methods we’ve seen are paid, have intrusive advertisements, or do not work reliably. But this is where the game changes

Installation:-After downloading. The program will provide you a IP address, you type that on your pc browser and you should type that in the browser and then watch the Airdroid net UI. Then click the screenshot icon and you’re going to see you Android display. There’s also a full-screen alternative.

Advantages: It is free, works on each stage and there are not any intrusives advertisements or large watermark on the monitor. In reality, it may work without WiFi, which no other programs in this listing can do.Thus, giving this a major advantage towards the others.

Disadvantages: You can’t use Airdroid display mirroring attribute to high-end movement play games in your own PC. No screen-casting program have sufficient latency to this will permit you to play games.

Bottom line:-By far the best option in our opinion

7. Teamviewer

Ultimately, you may use the excellent old Teamview program to throw your own Android display in your PC. The same as Airdroid, it is free, works on every stage and has no annoying advertisements.

Installation: Just download TeamViewer Host in your own Android and login or make a TeamViewerwer account. This may assign the Android apparatus to your record of TeamViewer apparatus. Next, in your computer visit and register into same TeamViewer account. You will observe the Android apparatus there, click on the link option near it. This will establish the Teamviewer program in your own computer and you’re all set to throw your display.

Pros: it is Free, works perfectly fine on every platform and there are no ads or watermark problems in sight, is very user friendly and anyone can learn it pretty easily

Cons: It has it little flaws but is the best one in our opinion


A power mirror It is comparative new program. And unlike the rest of the programs on this listing, A power mirror not only allow you to throw your own Android display on your computer, but you fully control your own Android smartphone in the PC. No Root need.

Installation:- set up Apowermirror PC package on your computer. Open both applications and join your own Android to your PC using a USB cable and then follow the instruction. You’ll need to enable USB Upgrades from Developer settings.

Advantages: No onscreen watermark. Let us you fully control your own Android display from PC. And provides you progress choices like screenshots and documenting etc.

Disadvantages: There program forces you to make a free account to utilize more attributes. After about 4 days the program will force you to buy its pretty expensive pack of $29.95/year to utilize all features, including screencasting too.

Bottom line:- It works pretty well but unfortunattly the price is way too much to get our reccomendationj. However, we do use the free edition, using its screenshot attributes.