Only 2 smartphones by Huawei- is known to have the Qualcomm set instead of the traditional kirin ones. But if you are the one to go after low prices, then the 7A is the best deal for you. The 3GB RAM/32GB storage is worth Rs 9,999 along and the 4GB RAM/64GB storage variant costs just, Rs 11,999 on


The Honor 7C sticks mostly to the layout language set by additional Honor 7-series phones last year and the present. The 7C is a phone that has a sharp, big screen with a mesmerizing metal back. The Honor 7C can be easily confused for the marginally bigger Honor 7A. So very few marks for creativity then. The metal back of the phone is actually quite slippry and the user must have a tight rip on it at all times.

Also due to a poor arrangement of buttons, there is quite a possibility you’ll problem and get confused while using the power button. The best edge is hairless. Using its 18:9 5.99-inch screen, the Honor 7C is a pretty large mobile. It may feel hard to hold in case you’ve got small hands.


The Honor 7C includes a 5.99-inch ‘FullView’ screen. The 18:9 aspect ratio makes it quite a huge phone in terms of sheer size, and t the same time an ideal one for gaming and watching movies. Its resolution of 720 x 1440 pixels looks like a lot but doesn’t feel the same, that’s because that’s quite a low resolution for a phone of that size. For example, the icons on the screen are way bigger than they need to be and There is no choice to reduce their size in any settings . It is possible, however, reduce the font size.

Colors generally often appear on the other hand with this gadget. The IPS LCD panel presents colors with quite some variations. Browns and reds look noticeably dull, however. The phone’s screen has 457 lux of luminance, which are enough for daytime. Overall, it is a serviceable screen for a phone of its own cost. however, A bit more color would have been welcomed.

Performance Test

717 was the score bagged by the 7c on Geekbench’s single-core evaluation test. It also managed to score 3555 on the multi-core evaluation, which is just a bit lower than that which the Motorola Moto G6 had scored a few weeks back. The memory and processor combination is adequate for ordinary tasks such as telephone calls, video and music playback, and mild browsing and gambling.

On Chrome the phone managed to toggle between two tabs without any lag; as Chrome kept two pages in memorycard. Understandably, since the tab count climbed, it was made to reload the elderly inactive pages. With thirty tabs available (and among those playing a YouTube video), scrolling via one page became distorted and laggy, but maybe not by far. Fortunately, toggling between the tabs was nevertheless stayed stable and fast enough.

The phone shot up to 33 degrees while playing PUBG on mobile but was never on the level of “burning hot”. To heat up the phone, even more, We opened a lot of games and movies and let them run in the background,We opened PUBG and left it running, we left a movie on in the background and so on. After some time we saw that the phone turned unresponsive and completely froze for a great four minutes before recovering completely.


Glancing in the spec sheet informs us that the Honor 7C includes a dual-lens camera set up on the rear: one 13-megapixel detector together with a 2-megapixel’thickness detection’ detector, and that front shooter is a 8-megapixel sensor having a aperture of f/2.0. It’s a flash not just on the trunk, but on the front also, in the shape of an’intelligent adjustable selfie toning mild ‘

In fact, the camera fares in many states. Shutter lag is not a major reoccurring problem, but we did encounter moments when we had been forced to wait since the phone was busy focussing on particular elements. Indoor videos in a normal house with adequate lighting are bright enough but suffer from the sound. Predictably, the sound increases as the light decreases. Focussing from the dark requires considerably longer, and lots of times you wind up with blurry shots while the camera begs for the focusing to finish.

The broad front camera, even though adequate in quality, makes pictures look somewhat overexposed and grainy even when there’s ample light round the topic. The soft flash at front helps in bringing more light into the shooter but does nothing to decrease sound. A flexible’decorative’ slider to front and rear camera wipes out facial blemishes.


The huge 3000 Mah battery in this phone helps it easily cruise a full day without any problems, even if the user plays games watches movies, uses text messaging etc. Using Google Maps turned up halfway for full 15 min with just a 5-percent fall in battery life is a pretty sweet deal in our opinion. But that is not advised for long periods because when we went on a recent trip, using Google Maps for 3 hours with the display on at 70% brightness. caused a massive 50% drop in battery life.

A complete charge occurred in a few hours. So, so far as battery life goes, the one about the Honor 7C is unquestionably a dependable one, or even a unusually long-lasting one.

The Honor 7C is a smartphone that provides decent value for the money if you’re searching for a model using a large 18:9 screen, a decent dual-camera installation, and a fantastic battery life.