When one hears about learns about the midrange smartphones, a name like “Coolpad ” never comes to your mind, does it? but as a matter of fact,coolpad is amongst the fastest growing mid-range smartphones in recent memory. Following a recent reorganization of its mismanaged management in the past and injection of some new financing, Coolpad is back to the smartphone industry with its newest buzz, the Coolpad note 6 pro. Coolpad utilizes its ruling lineup to showcase its most recent and best and the latest product is all set to carry that mantle


The basic framework is pretty similar to all the latest phones nowadays, That means a metallic body within a screen and a creative glass back. The glass panel in the rear has a groovy cutout around the camera device, however, the glass itself looks quite unnecessary. The glass just glistens against the mild and does not actually increase the design at all. But the glass is also a big drawback here that is beacuse the glass is actually pretty weak and tends to break easily and thus people tend to choose over this particular one, that’s because smartphones are inclined to have all-metal construction giving them a certain quantity of robustness and endurance. This is obviously predicated only on what the people today desire, and also the Coolpad Note 6 will go against the grain, which explains why it might not hit the ideal chord with the purchaser.

Not that Samsung is a true innovator in regards to budget telephone designs. In that respect, the glass layout functions. When you are holding the phone, it does not feel any less superior than other handsome rivals such as the Dominion 9 Lite.

There are important bezels all over the phone and the base chin is utilized for touchscreen navigation buttons.There is a double camera along with the led which is extremely poplular with people who tend to love selfies


Honestly enough we can say we donnt have any regrets with the device’s screen

This can be evidenced by using a 16:9 screen. The 5.5-inch panel appears smaller compared with the newer phones with big screens in the market, But at the same time, there exists quite a number of people who are not used to those enormous screens and tend to love the phones that fit inside there palms and coolpad 5 is for them. The entire HD resolution assists and due to a high 401 ppi pixel density, material appears to be sharp enough to the purchase price. Astonishingly, the CoolPad Note 6 scored more than the Redmi Note 5 pro in our brightness tests. In simple language, this means that the reading under the sun is easier than before due to the increased brightness. Although, The colors actually fade a little when the brightness is set to the max ,it is almost negligible under naked eye.

Other features include the auto brightness option(which automatically adjusts the brightness for the device depending upon its surrounings), and those little lighs on the screen which emiit different colours for diffeent app’s notifications. What’s more, there are choices to cycle through different screen modes. ‘Vivid mode’ ups the warmth while the’Natural manner’ sets a cooler shade. There is also an’Eye Care’ style that places a yellowish tint quite much like the Night Mode on several different smartphones.

But the problem is that the latest coolpad phone doesn’t have the adequate amount of features necessary for phones in 2018. phones now do not compensate performance even if they are of the budget category. In reality, the newest Realme 1 attracts an Helio P60 chipset into the sub-10k section. The chipset generally forces phones over Rs 20,000. Apart from that the new Redmi Y2 has brought the powerful snapdragon 625 to the lower price section. And again, there are two or three phones running the brand new entry Snapdragon 450 chipset that’s rather akin to this Snapdragon 625 with regard to design and functionality. The Snapdragon 435 has driven entry-level smartphones of ancient 2017 and does not look suitable to be used in mid-2018. It is functionality, though stable, is not likely to help run a number of programs and games.

The Coolpad Note 6 lags significantly behind its principal competitors, but it fares well amongst other offline-only offerings.

In real-world use, the Coolpad Note 6 seems noticeably slower compared to other phones at the cost. The framerate drops are pretty noticeable when you play graphic intensive games like PUBG. Surfing through social media is pretty okay and no lags or stutters ate seen there. But there is a significant drawback with the camera and that is the long amount of time it takes to start itself up, which lets be honest can be pretty frustrating

What is impressive is just how far the UI of this telephone has enhanced. They’re replaced using a theme that is very like Google’s material layout. The iPhone-like control panel is nowhere to be seen now and the fast settings are incorporated with the vivid and beautiful colors. Luckily, Coolpad decided to do away with the horrible popup ads that used to circle around its user interface in earlier phones and which simultaneously brought heavy criticism to the company. We absolutley loved the new backgrounds and the charging animation. The Settings program is much more organized and there is less bloatware to uninstall this moment.


The photographs come out hot, rather detailed with great color reproduction. The dynamic range is right about everything you’d expect at the price.

But we do have a problem with the close-up shots, that’s because they do not have the actual detail and magnification that most phones of the same price range tend to have. This is actually amongst the biggest disappointments we had with this phone.

The weakness of this Coolpad Note 6’s imaging installation becomes evident in non invasive. It requires some time to concentrate, there is noticeable sound in the photographs and the absence of a pro-mode makes it more challenging to shoot if light conditions are not optimal.

Even if this is the best Coolpad camera we have seen till now it is nowhere near to throw down a Xiaomi camera. Apart from that, the latest trend of the “prtrait” mode is nowhere to be seen in this device either

Coolpad’s strategy for front camera is also rather intriguing. That is because the double cameras do not feature a portrait, the basic necessity for a lot of users no a day. It only gives a wide-angle lens for selfies which is quite similar to the Oppo F3. The exact specifications include a 8-megapixel + a 5-megapixel shot up front. The main lens takes pretty good selfies with considerable light and beautification effect. There is also a feature where the phone explained to you just how old you are and how great you seem (I got appealing, 25 and I am very pleased about it). The wide-angle lens could adapt a major group absolutely, but the details become extremely blurry when you zoom into somethin


The Coolpad Note 6 has a big 4076mAh battery that can easily complete a full day of heavy use. The UI this time is very lightweight and does not occupy a great deal of resources. Like any normal person, we surfed the internet, checked social media apps, clicked photographs, watched movies and played PUBG. Thats pretty much what any 25-year old would do. All that and at the close of the afternoon, I had approximately 20 percent fee left.

Sadly, the phone does not support rapid charging so it requires more than an hour and a half to control the phone. But again, we dont complain just due to the shear amount of hours this dvice can cover


The Coolpad Note 6 ha apparently arrived way too late from when it would be truly appreciated, that’s because the features and gadgets it provides is not acceptable in the present day and age, just for the simple reason that low budget smartphones can do the same work. The phone is only living before and noticeably behind the contest. Even then one has to keep in mind that the coolpad is not is not really competing with the Xiaomi and Honor flagships out there. One of this bunch, Coolpad Notice 6 using its own glass layout, old but brighter screen, year old chip and a good camera performs better than anticipated. At Rs 9,999, you can purchase the phone if for some reason you hate all the online phones out there, but if you find a Redmi 5 out there we dont think we need to tell you what is the logical thing to do