If you remember a time when blackberry was amongst the top, for wow you must be a full-fledged adult now, and the name of blackberry must have felt like a childhood memory. But that inner child would be extremely happy to know that blackberry is back in the game with its new phone, The Blackberry Key 2. Blackberry has remained active through the extensive third-party sellers who kept the company alive by selling their phones which still carried their brand and everything. Now blackberry is trying to enter into the big leagues with their new phones.

TCL designs the Blackberry Key2 and fabricated under a license agreement from Blackberry from the Indian subcontinent, by Optiemus. The telephone retains a lot of components that created Blackberry choice’s smartphone. The back is held by The components. I am discussing the screen along with the QWERTY keyboard. Lately, however, Blackberry is manufacturing phones with those typical design which where in trend way back in like 2003. But honestly, that is not a bad thing beacuse the marketplace is packed with mobiles with notches, phones with nearby bezel-less layouts and what not and blackberry brings back a fan fauvrite from the past, but can it hold it’s own? Let us find out.


Aspect of my time went into getting accustomed to the computer keyboard. After years of working with a touch computer keyboard, Doing my work with a typing keyboard on a phone felt really weird to me. But after I settled in, the computer keyboard on the Key2 helped enhance my productivity to levels way above my usual self with the touch keyboards. This usually means you have 26 individual shortcut keys which you may brief or long haul to establish an essential program, action or assistance. These were extremely time saving and awesome beacuse i assigned a lot of shortcut to my social media icons like W, Facebook to F and Gmail into G kind of changed how I used a smartphone.

Blackberry has changed and changed the same plastic phone of the past. It now has a metal body with only the keys being plastic. This assists with the ergonomics much as the keys are now strong enough to enroll swift typing. The keys are also rather tactile, though, coming out of a bit keyboard, and also give a completely new feel when you use them. The Space Bar once more doubles up to the fingerprint detector that’s readily available and rather quickly at replicating the telephone. The best thing about the keyboard is that the navigation that is capacitive. It saves a lot of time and power to scroll whilst reading a very long document. You might even empower swipe-based typing in which you swipe your palms across the keys (without really pressing them) to sort. There are different on-screen navigation keys which can be located at the bottom of the screen

The Blackberry Key2 is practical and superior at precisely the exact same moment. It is not the most fashionable pice with all the waterdrop notches and 6 inch screens but it certainly is a useful phone in every asspect


It is a dimension of 4.5 inches is reminiscent of the iPhone 4S when mobiles used to be small and compact and would fit inside your palm. Well, regrettably, you will be able to use the BlackBerry Key2 using one hand dependent on the dimensions, it is clear that this is not a phone for a person who watches a whole lot of pictures in their telephones, and is it for players. This is intended for reading files, responding to mails, and being on social networking. Basically, this is a corporate individual’s telephone, as Blackberry needs it to be. The display is not that special and is just barely acceptable for reading and interacting with the screen. Now the keyboard does not hog up the property, the 4.5-inch panel is utilized only for content. The panel has complete HD resolution along with a 434 ppi pixel density. Additionally, it is adequately smart at 359 lux, while outside, the panel looks somewhat washed out.


The BlackBerry KeyOne came under a lot of fire because of its mediocre performance even though it had an advanced snapdragon 625 chipset. It’s adequately strong although when you set it against less expensive phones powered with the flagship Snapdragon 845, it clearly cannot match up to the operation.

However, this phone is not for performance fans. It is for power users that need a quick, secure apparatus and also the Snapdragon 660 is only about sufficient to run and support all the characteristics and apps. The phone did not actually show any lag or stutter when I was using it. I didn’t play any matches since it isn’t a gaming telephone by any means, however, I did execute surgeries on a spreadsheet and responded to messages and emails using the phone. In general, I experienced little to no lag while performing my task


The essence of the traditional blackberry phones can be easily felt in this latest edition of their new phones. What is pretty impressive this time around is the software upgrades they have done. My personal favorite addition was customizable shortcut keys that one can use in the phone just because of the fact that they can save so much time. The menus and icons seem much like Stock Android, however, you will find additional functionalities and characteristics which produce the Blackberry Key 2 stick out from the remainder.

The design stays the same, despite a computer keyboard. Like the traditional stuff get a launcher which has onscreen keys, the home menu, Google Assistant Support. The display that is multi-tasking is somewhat different from Android Oreo and it reveals you screenshots of programs arranged in a column that is 2×2.There is also a feature through which you can see the incoming emails, messages, tasks, set a fast call and navigate your own widgets. It is a fantastic way to maintain the home display. The UI offers means of executing shortcuts. Aside , there is the advantage key on the border panel, a tab at the program drawer along with the right.

The DTEK security program keeps a real time check on your device and reports any bugs or lag your phone has. Launch the program gives you a glance in the security standing of the phone. Delve a little deeper and you’ll be able to see unstructured information such as what program used which consent when, events in which a specific core feature such as the Contacts, Calendar and the likes are utilized. You are given a general score of their phone’s security standing by these settings. Anyone paranoid regarding the flow of information in and from the apparatus, in addition to the type of actions third party programs are indulging in, ought to be fulfilled by the degree of detail that the DTEK program goes into.

Next is your Blackberry Hub where each way of communicating is channelised into segments, all. It is supremely beneficial in case you need to handle multiple email and societal networking accounts because it does manner with needing to change between multiple programs. The Hub is the sms program as well as the default email client. You can incorporate even and your Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp Instagram from the Hub. The Hub supports Virtually all programs and you may rest messages, and keep a track of alarms.

Among the reasons to purchase a Blackberry in age and this day is really for the applications that come with it. Blackberry may be from the past and may lack on the latest trends and designs in the present world, however, they’re still developing a variant of Android that’s more focussed on convenience and security, from an enterprise standpoint.


This is the Blackberry mobile with cameras in the back. It is a bit more traditional in its camera system. The camera can capture 4K movies together with security features without turning to the camera program such as the Capture attribute that requires a photograph.

For creating camera phones, blackberry was not known, and also the camera UI appears to indicate the same. The quantity key pops up as zoom button or a portrait button, although it does utilise the computer keyboard to shoot photographs. Manner in the program is not and a setting a style specifically. It turns on and also the settings such as Shutter Speed, ISO and White Balance cram the viewfinder more.

In terms of photographs, the images of the Key2 seem. It generates detailed and sharp pictures, ones you could contemplate with flagship mobiles at par. The saturation is a littile bit off from wher it should have been, but it will look good on that tiny 4.5 inch screen . Pixel PDAF functions to concentrate on the topic however, the scope leaves a great deal to be desired.

The set shutter speed and won’t become results if you don’t use the manual mode. There is ample vast majority and sound of the framework is going to probably be reverted with next to no attention.

This phone’s camera works well. It’s snappy and quick and will take portrait shots. Portrait shots shot in camera come out fine and the rear provided the light is ideal. The areas is not like that which we have observed by Honor and Huawei on mobiles and seem natural.


Its battery life is not exactly what a electricity use would need although the Blackberry Key2 is a power user’s cellphone. The 3,500mAh battery empties out over a day of usage.


The Blackberry Key2 isn’t a phone for everyone, it s primarly for those who enjoy leaaisure and want a relaxing expirience. It’s aimed especially. This is actually the fantasy phone for anybody wishing to get a computer. It is the telephone. Because of its cost of Rs 42,990, the Key2 is going to be known in the category, however. Nonetheless the Key2 is a worthy upgrade over the past year’s KeyOne.