If you are looking for the best of the best android apps which can help you in driving car, this is the article for you. The not only help in driving car but make the ride more convenient and easy for you.

So following is the list of best android apps for cars while being on the road-

My Car Locator

parking space has become a genral issue with every place right now and so is finding out where is your car after that, This issue becomes particularly bad in areas that have similar seeming parking lots. My Auto Locator free program is the instrument you need in situations like this.

The program takes a very clear way to access GPS location information and a GPRS link to fetch mapping information in the Google Maps servers, that are fairly fast and precise to the Cable. As soon as you opt to park your car or truck at a certain location, such as an open parking lot around XYZ road, all you have to do is allow the program get a GPS fix on the place. You then hit the playground key which produces the program save the GPS coordinates to the place, which is true to 5 meters in the area of parking.

After that, while finding your vehicle all you want to do is choose the find me button on your device and then the app would automatically generate for the shortest possible route to your vehicle.


The amount of vehicles across town has grown dramatically within the last couple of decades. Traffic is 1 thing which you may never escape no matter the technological advancements. Similar to any other navigation program, Waze provides free travel instructions, but unlike many GPS navigation systems, it provides alerts in both sound and on the display, for which most programs charge extra money. The program features street level navigation along with the easiest and most straightforward interface . The buttons on the program display come in large sizes, which assists simple navigation via the program.

The Waze program provides navigational data in both daytime and nighttime modes. But something which makes Waze genuinely outstanding is that the societal link it provides users. Waze uses inputs data from people local to the area and also provides alerts and advice to other users so as to create driving pleasurable. For example, When one person uploads an alert that a particular road is closed, all other Waze users can see the same and change routes accordingly. Thus time money and energy are saved.

The program works on both low and higher end devices, whereas users need an active GPRS connection to utilize the program as channels are loaded on the move.

Car Mode

Frequently, the easiest of utilities would be the best ones that you can get. Like Auto Mode, for example, is an ideal driving aid for every individual who owns a vehicle. It places all of calls automatically on loudspeaker style so you truly don’t need to toggle the preferences or perform with many keys to achieve that.

All the consumer must do is empower the program and dock the apparatus on a very simple device dock. After that calls are automatically placed on loudspeaker style.

Google Maps

Google Maps is Google’s navigation and mapping solution that provides free support to its users worldwide, and that also with no hidden conditions or fees.

The Google Maps program features navigation from point-a into point-b at the easiest of ways. Along with this the program comes integrated with a Places attribute that helps users locate places almost, 3D Maps, Indoor Maps and offline service also have been added into the apparatus running Android version 2.3 and over, so that consumers no longer require an active online connection to get Google Maps. They have the choice to save as much as five different map bits to get access in the future with no online connection.

Google Maps allows users to look for areas, compute routes, travel time, instructions, and also program out public transportation. Whenever you’re travelling, be sure to have this program on your device.

Car Tunes Music Player

Smartphones, to some large extent, have eliminated the requirement of getting expensive media options for private entertainment. This is how it is with in car entertainment too. Nowadays most men and women prefer plugging into their own smartphone straight to their car sound program and enjoy FM radio, audio streaming and saved files on the move.

The player allows to get a totally hands free encounter with audio playback. Users can but say out the title of an artist or record and the program begins playing that record or song. The underlying purpose is to enhance driver safety as your eyes remain on the street.

The lite edition, that is free, includes in program ads and supports many features. There is also a professional version which includes additional attributes and no ads.


So this was the list of best android apps for driving car. You can download them directly from the playstore. They are very easy to install as you just have to click on the download button and it will be automatically installed. After installing this you will realize that driving car has become more comfortable and convenient to drive. If you have or know any other android app which can help in the convenience of driving car, then you can tell us in comments.