Airtel Pocket TV program, and is presently available for new and existing DTH subscribers, who also have an Android smartphone or tablet or even a computer. They also offer 150 channels on the app which is more than what any of the rival sites.

How To Set Up

Airtel’s Pocket TV program is a program which is independent of the popular my airtel initiative. Dish TV had introduced DishOnline as a distinct program, although Tata Sky had already incorporated Everywhere TV inside the Tata Sky Mobile program. Depends on which you find handy, but Airtel had no choice, since MyAirtel is the program which also handles cellular accounts, as an instance, which would result in a huge mess inside a single program.

To use the benefits of the above you would first have to enter the details of your airtel account or log in with the registered mobile number. After the process is completed and you are logged in, then you can easily use the app on this particular device. The identical procedure might need to be replicated on a different device you might choose to install using Pocket TV.

Here is a screenshot from the app:-

Interface Of MyAirtel

The color theme blend of white and red is pretty much signature Airtel. That’s the way their online portal operates and that’s the way their paper invoices are. There are many alternatives for Live TV, On-Demand movies and in which you are able to get favorites. Each of the choices are laid out neatly, with all the mixture of horizontal and vertical primary menus on each display offering every choice at the same tap. Within distinct segments of the program, the vertical menu on the right of this display changes with choices based on your pat viewing history and options necessary at that point of time.

Though the present layout is definitely more than usable and quite intuitive, it does not feel as a high quality app especially on a more compact smartphone display. And while that might not bother most consumers, it’s something you would anticipate Airtel to perform well for a program that will be a fairly major deal moving forward. Slightly polished images would do something similar to how Tata Sky packed the Everywhere TV support.

Viewing TV

Live TV – This is actually the most important point of the whole practice of paying and using this program anyhow, and I am quite delighted to report that the experience is very excellent. Everything you will need is a 3G connection at a fairly good rate, along with the streaming quality is eloquent. The quality is handled automatically, based upon the bandwidth. A smartphone or even a tablet computer screen, is more than addeqete for you to stream high quality videos

Streaming with an 8Mbps Wi-Fi link is more than what you probably need for the airtel tv app. Tap on a channel icon, and it takes around 3 seconds for the video to start, and another couple of seconds for the picture quality to settle. Tata Sky provided manual control within the most streaming bit-rate and also the following picture quality, but that I could not locate this type of putting in Pocket TV. For use on 3G, the streaming quality could totally depend on speed and connectivity at that moment.

Airtel is offering 150 stations on the on the mentioned app, at the time of the launch. And the price of Rs 60 a month will be exactly the same as what Tata Sky takes for your Live TV streaming support. On the other hand, the Airtel Pocket TV support doesn’t have any sports channels as of now(something which has obviously upset a lot of people), which sets it at an astronomical disadvantage, as India is a land full of sports-loving fans, like literally crores of them. The two Tata Sky and Dish TV offer specific sports channels, or even all (largely the TEN network stations are accessible, together with Star Sports channels missing in the present time ), and that’s really a value add for sure subscribers. However if you are not bogged down by that specific stage, the service constitutes it across the different genres of content with various channels.

Additional Services Of My Airtel Tv

And the best thing about it’s that the full library of films can be streamed with no extra cost. For Rs 60 a month of Live TV streaming in addition to a huge film library at the on-demand section accessible, this isn’t a bad thing!

What If you register with My Airtel Tv App?

Quite honestly, Airtel Pocket TV program provides a great deal of convenience and flexibility, evolving your phone screen into a cinema like screen. There aren’t any HD stations on the stage yet. It fairly well simplifies the discussion when you might have only 1 TV in your home, and two individuals might want to watch unique things! Or if you might be traveling, but nevertheless wish to see some TV.


Now it must be clear to all the readers about the details of My Airtel Tv app. If you found this article useful, then you can tell us in comments.